Konbi’s Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe (2024)



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If there was ever a recipe that begs for a video demonstration of the technique required to make this sandwich, this would be it.


While cutting off the crusts may give a certain look to this sandwich, I would hope that no one would actually throw away the crusts. It's always amazing to see how many such recipes call for discarding certain elements, and I always cringe at the thought of how many people actually throw such parts away in the trash! At the very least, reserve the crusts for breadcrumbs. Better yet, don't remove them in the first place!


I have peeled more hard-boiled eggs than I can remember. The absolutely best way to ensure easy peeling is to steam the eggs. Ten minutes after the water has begun to boil, put the eggs into a basket steamer set above the water. At ten minutes, move directly to an ice bath. I was amused to see the recipe suggests hitting the egg all over with a spoon, presumably before bowing to it. Just roll it on the counter or inside the sink with gentle pressure and start peeling at the larger end.


I found that to get those hard boiled eggs for the center, this approach is foolproof. Put eggs in cold water. Bring to a boil and turn off heat. Let sit in water for 6 minutes. Chill (I usually empty pot and replace with cold water from the tap four or five times). Peel eggs and cut in half. These can sit while making the eggs to be chopped into egg salad (BTW, I find a pastry cutter is perfect for getting the texture needed--thanks Martha Stewart).


I still go with the Green’s Restaurant recipe in San Francisco for hard boiling eggs:: just cover with water, bring to rolling boil, remove from heat and cover, wait 6 minutes, then plung in cold water. Perfect eggs with moist bright centers.


simply go to YouTube and put in Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich and you will have many videos of this. Hope this helps.


Make your own crème fraîche by mixing a tablespoon or two of cultured buttermilk with 1/2 cup heavy cream (NON ultra-pasteurized) in a jar and leave on the countertop for a couple of days until thick. Then refrigerate. The ratios stay the same if you wish to make a larger quantity. Then freeze it in small portions, like in ice cube trays. Pop out, thaw, and use as needed. Works a charm.


If only they sold creme fraiche in 1 tablespoon increments...


I am lucky to have an Asian grocery not far from me, so I bought a squeeze-bottle of Kewpie for not much more than regular mayo (about $3.50 ) I think it tastes like mayo with a bit more sugar and vinegar added--hardly worth going out of my way for. So I'm very glad I didn't order a $9 bottle from Amazon. Really, I'd rather eat some of my mom's egg salad, with celery and onion and dill, with lettuce on whole wheat than this version of a pretty but boring sandwich.

Jim McGrath

The late Anthony Bourdain did a segment on these sandwiches when he was in Japan. I've made them several times and the absolute key is Japanese milk bread (I bake in a Pullman loaf pan) and Kewpie mayonnaise. This mayonnaise cannot be substituted for because it has a mustard non-sweet taste. Worth the effort.


For one tablespoon? use sour cream and a few drops of lemon juice. It's not a main ingredient. And my aun't secret recipe for egg salad uses a bit of sour cream in place of mayo; and it's delish.


I was taken in by another commenter’s haughty confidence about rolling a boiled egg on the counter or the inside of a sink, implying that tapping it with a spoon is unnecessarily precious. I smashed the egg like George. I am a tiny and gentle woman. I bowed to and tapped the remaining eggs with success.


Sorry, the best way to “boil” an egg is to steam it. Just like a vegetable. Hard cooked takes about 13 min. I started the water boiling first then add the steamer. A cold flush and voila, the peel falls off, well basically, even with fresh eggs.


What I think would be lovely is the sandwich on pumpernickel bread so it’s not all squish and the dark bread against the yellow of the egg would be more appealing.


Having made tons of hard boiled eggs I can say that if you don’t want a couple of eggs cracking and leaking egg white into the boiling water, they should be at room temperature (you can also place them in warm water for 10 minutes or so before cooking if you haven’t planned ahead).

William C

Use furikake and seasoned rice vinegar! One of the best egg salads I’ve had!


This is beyond fussy.


Tasty sandwich which reminded that it doesn't have to be filled with ham, chicken or beef to be a good sandwich. It's like eggs and bread are meant to be eaten together.That being said, I think this recipe was a bit overcomplicated: 45 min for a sandwich swallowed in no time.Next time I'll do this, I'll just use hard-boiled eggs and skip the soft-boiled (they don't bring anything meaningful in my opinion). Chop everything, mix in the mayo mixture, spread on the brad and call it a day.


Only made the egg salad part, and it was delicious! Many compliments from my guests, too. The Kewpie mayo really made it special.


Use an instant pot with the 5-5-5 method for perfect hard cooked eggs every single time. It doesn’t matter if they are fresh or older, they will always peel perfectly. As for jammy eggs I’ve never made one—at altitude 6500 feet there are no guarantees.


I use an EGGRITE EGG TIMER just drop it in with the eggs and its spot one every time. Best invention ever for cooking eggs. How well they peel isn't as much dependent on how you cook the eggs, but how old they are and how the chickens were fed. I've noticed the difference between eggs, in how they peel. I get mine from a local egg farm and their shells considerably thicker than some others I've tried. Others are so thin they are just mush and you wind up picking the little parts off the egg.


Make egg sandwich


Craveable!!! This is an excellent, flavorful egg salad. I didn’t have crème fraîche so I used a plain Greek yogurt in its place and worked fine. Great mix of umami and brightness. What a joy to eat!


This is such a delicious egg salad! If you like pickles, then you’ll probably like this because of the vinegar. The tang of the Kewpie, vinegar, mustard, and crème fraiche balances the richness of the egg yolks perfectly. If you’re not a one-true-recipe person already wedded to your own egg salad and you enjoy having variations on a theme in your repertoire, try this recipe. It is so tasty, and despite the lengthy directions, it was actually as easy to make as regular egg salad.


I so want make and eat this simple-looking dish, but something tells me that it’s best left to cherish under expert hands. The look and I suppose, taste, are nothing if not precise. I’m more confident frying a chicken or baking a soufflé!

Jeannine A

This is a wonderful egg salad sandwich. I have many chickens on my farm so I have lots of eggs every day. I still have trouble to peel my eggs for salad, they dont leave the shell when they are not even a day old! I try to keep some for a couple of days to make recipes like this.


Some people suggested smashing the yolks into a paste with the dressing ingredients. I like to have chunks of yolk as well as whites in my egg salad and achieve that by gently folding the dressing into the chopped whites and yolks. Having the yolks mashed into a paste is too much like deviled eggs--which I like, but not in my egg salad. I see why this sandwich was wildly popular at the shops in LA. Sadly, the lunch crowd is now working from home, and the shops have closed.


Peeps, the best way to get eggs cooked to your preference is to use an air fryer. Absolutely foolproof whether you want soft boil, medium boil, hard boil... and they peel like a dream

Judith W Feldman

For the less cooked eggs - cut the first one and if it's too runny, pop the rest of them in your microwave on 60% power for maybe 8-10 seconds and they will firm right up. Never had one explode but if you fear it, cover the eggs with a paper towel. Works every time. For me, anyway. You just don't dump undercooked eggs, period!


I add fresh chopped dill finely.

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Konbi’s Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe (2024)
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